to the inner workings of my brain!

This website has been designed with two goals in mind.

It is meant as a tool to further develop my craft by consciously reflecting upon the questions, relation(ship)s and events that flow into my work and shape it. Moreover, it is an opportunity for me to share my work and the work of others, hopefully providing a channel for some of these questions and relation(ship)s to continue to propagate.

While developing the content for the site, I found my writings could generally be broken into four categories, which I have used to structure things here:

notes about the experiments I conduct to help me grow as an artist along with some of the trails they create.

Thinking with…
reflections about the manifold relation(ships) that move my work.

Rhythms and Repetitions
imagery and poetry meet.

Longer Essays
more in-depth essays and imagery.

I hope you will enjoy exploring this amazingly dynamic site which Barbara and Lambert van Rijsewijk of Lemonade Design Studio created for me. Should something strike you along the way, I’d love to hear from you.

p.s. This site is designed to move and change, depending on your scrolling behaviour. Sometimes, you will have to scroll to see things change, other times, you will notice things change when you are still.