Rett Rossi

Curiosity drives me in all areas of my life. I’ve worked as a cognitive therapist, a case coordinator, a translator, writer, coach and artist. The four latter continue to occupy me and feed my creativity. I fell in love with photography in the early 1980s when my dad lent me his Zenit E for a day. I’m not sure he ever got it back. At the time, I was often spending my nights painting on objects I’d found in the neighbourhood, particularly broken double-pane windows. Since then, my work as an artist has continually blurred boundaries – paintings want to be sculptures, photographs want to be paintings and all of it wants to be palpable. Amidst it all, I want those viewing my work to step into it, to feel the movements, the rhythms, the textural entanglements and to get lost just being with it, in the same way I do, when creating it.

Photo Credit for Portrait of Rett Rossi: Sabine Meyer