Rhythms & Repetitions


(word poetry by Geoff Hume-Cook)




Mesmerised by movement,
I stop: spoon part-way
to mouth.
Cereal and soy milk,
suspended mid-arc, bowl to mouth.

The Summer breeze
wafts in through my third storey window.
Curtain lofts up, swirls languid,
rushes back down to;
but does not reach,
slack vertical stillness.

Buffeted by smaller
zephyrs, dancing,
rippling through fold and unfold,
then bounce,
boil and thresh!

Spoon finds my mouth.
Chewing on these seconds of good fortune.
Meditating on the physics of wafer-thin fabric; ruminating on
Butterflies’ skill,
riding invisible waves.

Out and down, the clatter of cycle panniers, poorly secured,
pulls my sentience away
from mindful speculation.
The camera sits on the bench, confident in the knowledge, that it knows me so well.
“Come hither! Use my settings well, the day,
must be seized!”

word poetry (c) ghc_anz 2021

visual poetry (c) rett_rossi 2021


water mesmerises me
a tiny droplet clinging to a blade of grass
the condensation traces of a cold beverage glass
the waves of a sea racing towards shore
rushing forward
it stumbles
trips over itself
collapses in on itself
falls back into itself
it gives us life
it reflects our life
it holds our life
in the every changing colours of its surface
in its dances with the wind and light
we find our lives reflected

nature’s photographer


something that interests me
is the infinitesimal
sometimes that’s expressed in a close-up
a macro
or in repetitious photos taken
to back
to back

lake huron meeting early autumnal azure
no two shots
the same
liquid painted sky

it’s the repetition of the inconsequential
a rhythm
that moves
a breathing in
a breathing out
a breathing with

an incidental meditation